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Latest Mobile App Innovations From OnForce

Friday, Apr. 19th 2013

v 5.59 – released Apr 18 2013

We’re very excited to let you know about our latest mobile app updates that are driving continued efficiencies as service work gets done in the field.

OnForce Pros using iOS devices can grab the updated app from the App Store. Android users can sign up for our beta release today. We hope that you take advantage of these latest innovations to help you get work done more quickly and efficiently.

What This Means For Service Buyers

We have created an eco-friendly, time-saving solution that enables OnForce Pros to collect customer signatures right on their mobile device. The signature functionality even works offline!

Instant upload of documents

OnForce Pros can now send service buyers the OnForce Work Signoff document before they have left the job site.

To enhance control over work order document requirements, we have made our Document Management System available to all OnForce service buyers. For buyers not already using OnForce to manage the return of work order documents, visit our Feature Spotlight page to learn more.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Out-of-the-box Work Signoff document

    The OnForce Work Signoff is an out-of-the-box solution for capturing end user signatures. Service buyers can optionally choose to require the Work Signoff on any or all work orders. OnForce Pros can return documents using the Document Management System via their mobile app, fax, email, or direct upload.

  • Increased limits on managed work order documents

    Service buyers can now attach up to ten required documents on a work order, to be managed by the OnForce Document Management System.

What This Means For OnForce Pros

New work order action menu for iPhone and Android

As we continue to add new features to the OnForce app, we need a place to put them all! We’ve added a new action tray to the accepted work order view. Use the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen or swipe left to reveal the tray and access all work order actions: from checking in, to uploading photos, to adding a note, and more.

Get the OnForce Work Signoff document signed through the OnForce mobile app! Enter the service details and on-site notes, then hand the device to the end user for them to review and sign the work order. No more faxing, scanning, emailing, or uploading the Work Signoff!

Work offline from your mobile device

All accepted work orders are now available offline for Pros using the OnForce mobile app. Access notes, contacts, and work details. Get documents signed offline and they will be submitted the next time the Pro’s device establishes a network connection.

Send a copy of the signed work order to end users

Include the end user’s email address when filling out the service details form in your OnForce mobile app and they will automatically be sent a signed copy of the work order by email.

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Platform version 5.56.2 released

Wednesday, Feb. 27th 2013

v 5.56.2 – released Feb 27 2013

We’ve released the latest update to the OnForce platform this morning. Behind the scenes, we made a handful of improvements that will improve the speed and performance of the OnForce application for our users. In addition to those changes, there are a couple feature enhancements of note that we’d like to share:

As an OnForce service buyer, the Work Order Realtime Monitor gives you a live view into your routed work orders, allowing you to react and respond in real time to incoming offers, questions, and other responses from OnForce Pros.

In this release, we’ve enhanced your visibility into key information about the Pros you interact with through the monitor. By clicking on a Pro’s name, you can see:

  • Routing priority
  • PPN status
  • Counts of active and completed work orders with your organization
  • Lists the Pro belongs to
  • Distance to site
  • Standard and extended travel range
  • Date and time on which they last viewed your work order
  • Question details
  • Offer details
  • Other work orders currently routed to the Pro by your organization

Receive notifications when a work order escalation is submitted

OnForce Pros will now receive a push notification to their OnForce mobile app for iPhone or Android, or an SMS notification when a work order they are assigned to is escalated by the buyer.

With OnForce sending over 20,000 push notifications each day, more and more OnForce Pros are relying on these messages to stay informed about work order updates in the field. Now Pros can make sure they are aware the moment a service escalation arises, resulting in faster resolution times and happier customers.

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Platform version 5.56.1 released

Wednesday, Feb. 13th 2013

v 5.56.1 – released Feb 12 2013

Here at OnForce HQ, we’ve finally dug ourselves out from snowstorm Nemo. Since we were in a snow removal groove, we decided to shovel off some new product features as well and release them to the OnForce community. Check out what’s new and let us know what you think in the comments.

The OnForce system now automatically detects when a tracking number is entered in a buyer or pro work order custom field, and creates a link to track that shipment on the appropriate shipper’s website. Now OnForce Pros looking to determine when a part will arrive on site, or OnForce service buyers waiting for a part to be returned to approve payment on a work order, can get this information with one click!

Windows 8 is here

Although adoption of Windows 8 may be going a bit slower than folks in Redmond had hoped, each day more consumers and enterprises are upgrading. We’ve added the Windows 8 operating system to the platform so that Pros can add this skill to their service profile and buyers can find Pros with Windows 8 expertise.

Search work orders by Service Contact phone number

In our last release, we added the ability for buyers to search work orders by the name of the work order Service Contact. Now, you can also look up work orders using the Service Contact phone number.

See more information about OnForce Pros routed on your work orders

More details are now displayed to buyers about the Pros to whom a work order has been sent. The information we’ve added includes buyer Routing Priority, buyer Private Comments, Private Network status, and a Best of OnForce badge for Pros who have earned special recognition from OnForce.

Filter the buyer work order Realtime Monitor by last routed time

A new filter has been added to the buyer work order Realtime Monitor, allowing buyers to scope the list of work orders by the time they were last routed — either choosing to see work order last routed more than a certain number of hours ago, or within a certain number of hours. This feature helps you to better prioritize the work orders you manage on the Realtime Monitor.

Better visibility into escalations for OnForce Pros

Pros now have better visibility into the presence of a buyer escalation on their work orders, making it easier to respond quickly and work with buyers to resolve service issues.

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Platform version 5.55.5 released

Thursday, Jan. 31st 2013

v 5.55.5 – released Jan 29 2013

We’ve just released an update to the OnForce platform, including several functionality improvements for OnForce users. Here’s a rundown of what’s new. Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments!

It’s now easier than ever to make adjustments to the price and date of the work orders within a routed bundle: buyers can simply use the ‘Edit Work Orders’ link when viewing a bundle to make edits to the bundle details without having to open each work order individually. If you aren’t already using the bundling feature, it’s a great way to offer a group of sites as a “package deal,” ensuring the same technician services multiple sites — a strategy which results in a consistent end user experience and more efficient driving routes for OnForce pros.

Search work orders by service contact name

OnForce provides powerful search and filtering tools to help you find the work orders you’re looking for. We’ve now added service contact name search to the Advanced Search menu to give you yet another way to look up work orders in your Buyer Command Center.

Complete for payment reminder emails no longer sent on work orders with a pending spend limit increase request

Reminder emails are a helpful feature for OnForce Pros managing a lot of work to stay on top of closing out work orders. They’re not so helpful, however, if you’re waiting on a spend limit increase from the buyer before completing for payment. We no longer send a complete for payment reminder email on work orders with a pending spend limit increase request.

Buyers can resolve their own work order escalations

Many work order escalations are resolved through the efforts of OnForce buyers and Pros working with one another to clear up a problem. Now, buyers can officially resolve their own escalations, making for a more seamless exception management workflow. When a buyer escalates a work order, both the OnForce Pro and OnForce Market Support are notified so that all parties can work together to resolve the issue. Previously, only OnForce Market Support team members could resolve an escalation.

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Platform version 5.55.4 released

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd 2013

v5.55.4 – released Jan 16 2013

Here at OnForce, our product development team works hard to deliver value to our buyers and pros through enhancements to our field service platform. But that value isn’t realized if you, our customers, aren’t kept up to date about new features and functionality available to you. This post is an effort to help you get more out of your OnForce experience by giving you the latest news on what’s going on with the product. We’ll continue to post notes here about each platform update we release.

Now on to the good stuff. Here’s a rundown of the latest improvements released with version 5.55.4 of the OnForce platform:

The most recent updates to our document management system enabled buyers and pros to keep track of multiple versions of a document — useful for work orders that include multiple trips to site, each requiring their own deliverables. We’ve now refreshed the look and feel of the work orders needing approval list to also display multiple document versions, as well as to allow inline editing of buyer custom fields during the approval process.

Get the work order details you’re looking for quickly and easily

Helping you find the information you’re looking for within a work order, easily and efficiently, is a critical function of the OnForce platform. To give your mouse’s scroll-wheel a break, we’ve added a quick navigation menu to the top of each work order. The navigation contains links to all the important sections of the work order, and remains fixed to the top of the browser window for easy access. You’ll save time on every work order you view by being able to quickly jump to the details you care about.

One-step creation and routing of work order bundles over the API

We’ve added a new method to our buyer API: WorkOrderBundleAndRouteByRuleset. Given a list of work order ID’s and a routing ruleset ID, this method allows a buyer to create and route a bundle of work orders in one step utilizing the filters of the specified routing rule. When this method is successfully called, the buyer is returned a list of ID’s for the pros whom were sent the work order bundle.

Instantly dismiss your work order alerts

The work order alerts list surfaces important events — such as appointment change requests and new reply-requested notes — to provide buyers and pros with a top-level overview of what’s happening on your work orders. We’ve made managing this list even more efficient by eliminating page refreshes after alerts are cleared.

New printer sub-category available: Plotters

Buyers needing to find qualified service pros to work on plotter equipment can now select the specific Plotter sub-category when creating work orders. Experienced service pros should add Plotter skills to their service profile to be eligible for this work.

Stay up-to-date with the latest OnForce product updates

The OnForce team works hard to bring you the tools you need to deliver world-class service using our powerful field service platform. In order to keep you informed about improvements to the product, we’ve added a Product News feed to the left sidebar in your PCC or BCC. Stay tuned to this feed to learn about new features you can leverage to improve your OnForce experience.

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