‘Unboxing’ Apple Retail’s New On-Site IT Service for SMBs and Growing Box Makers

Guest blog post by Dan Shedd, President of Taylor Box Company

The only way that companies get to stick around in a competitive industry like ours is to evolve quickly with emerging customer needs and to never settle for second best. We’ve been in business for 126 years and counting and a key to our success is staying ahead of the curve and delivering quality customized boxes that make our customers’ products stand out.

Technology is a core component that supports all facets of our business. Our challenge is that we manage a mixed environment of PCs and Macs. Our PCs (8-10 of them) manage our ERP system and our design studio uses MacPro Laptops (3) and a MacPro tower. We’re growing (up more than 20% last year) which means that we’re bringing in more designers – and more Apple workstations to field new customer demand.

Back in December of 2011, I visited our local Apple Store retail location to talk to them about our company; the best way we could  keep our current Mac systems on the cutting edge and what new hardware we should bring in house as our team expands. Based on the input I received from an in-store Apple associate, this is what we did:

  • Purchased a new Mac Pro tower, with enough horsepower (Dual 2.66 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon) and features to arm our design team with leading edge technology and capabilities that would keep us ahead of the curve and last us for years.
  • Purchased a new Mac Pro laptop, also with abundant processing power and features.
  • Found an Apple Certified technician through OnForce Services, who would help us set up, configure and integrate our new Apple technology into our environment and ensure that all our Apple systems (and software) were up-to-date and properly configured for top performance.

We managed our last Apple upgrade internally and it was a mistake – it took staff away from client work; the process took forever and the install wasn’t optimal. The process was incredibly complicated and challenging – especially considering our mixed PC-Apple network environment, legacy peripherals and software apps. This time we couldn’t afford to make the same mistake and risk a delayed update process and possible system outages. It was crucial to reduce the implementation time window as much as possible. The answer was to bring in an Apple expert to handle it for us. I was happy (and relieved) that the Apple store staff could now put me directly in touch with a technician through OnForce Services – at the same time they were writing up my order. The technician from OnForce Services was extremely knowledgeable and delivered tremendous value. He arrived on time, with the necessary tools and was able to manage our upgrade and implementation quickly and effectively.

We’re always looking ahead in our business, and I absolutely plan to tap Apple Retail and OnForce Services for our next upgrade. (In fact, I’ve already recommended the service to several colleagues and highly recommend OnForce to you). Simply put: get the right technology for the job (Apple); get a quick, optimal installation (OnForce Services) and get back to work for your clients (us – Taylor Box).

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